Thursday, 9 July 2009

new exciting EAL resource


including Talking Tutor

EMASUK has created a digital vault of resources that supports EAL teachers and learners. The vault contains three areas of support.

  1. Child friendly printable EAL resources in over 135 languages.

  1. The ‘Talking Tutor’ an online translator that translates and speaks

  1. CPD for teachers in:
    • Music,
    • Language Skills
    • Creative Play

EMASUK is a not-for-profit company that has been created after teachers requested resources to support and assist them in teaching EAL children. Currently there are resources in a myriad of locations on the web, some of which border on genius, other lean towards confusion and disorganisation. EMASUK has gathered a team of professional teachers to design and build resources that will allow a teacher to have resources the instant that a non English speaking child arrives in their class. They have access to unlimited downloads of child friendly resources in 135 languages in seconds, this includes subject specific, curriculum based, traditional games and assessment sheets at the speed of a download. Simplicity its self.

The ‘Talking Tutor’ is a web or server based tool that allows the teacher to welcome a new arrival in their class in one of 20 languages, with more to follow. Entry could not be simpler:

  • type or cut and past the text that needs translating, the new model for January 2010 will be voice controlled

  • Choose the language that you want it translated to, currently there are 20 languages available but there are more to come

  • Press the translate button and the text appears in the box below and the avatar speaks the text aloud for the individual or class to hear

  • If you want a response, and the child is literate, choose a keyboard in the child’s home language and they can respond in English

CPD is a major part of ensuring that teacher’s knowledge is kept up to date and that their skills are valued and honed. EMASUK has brought together CPD specialists that offer practical classroom techniques to help EAL learners feel confident and overcome natural issues that arise.

  • Music is probably the simplest method of making a new arrival feel welcome, but many teachers feel unsure of its use. David Stanley is a music specialist that uses music to reinforce phonics and phonemes, create comfort zones and challenge learners to try new words, experiences and sensations in letter sounds.

  • Understanding how a new arrival learns a new language is important if teachers are to be effective language teachers. Mirela Timo is of Albanian origin and has a passion for helping non English speakers to learn English and still maintain the positive aspects of their own language and cultures. Mirela will work with teachers to give them the skills and personal understanding to create empathy and passion for the learners development.

EMASUK has a vault of resources that covers the spectrum of teachers support. From immediate language based resources in printable and audio formats, the Talking Tutor to create communication between teacher and pupils and parents, offering the first real time translator that will off the teacher the opportunity to give instruction ad involve the learner in normal classroom activities, and CPD for teachers to help them develop their classroom based practice.

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