Sunday, 15 July 2012

ICT Questions for School Governors. What do we now teach? ICT, Computing, Computer Studies, Computer Science?

1. BYOD Is there a Bring Your Own Device school policy? 
2. Social media a. Is there a school Social Media policy? b. Is the school community encouraged to be involved? 

3. How is Twitter etc used by the School to communicate with stakeholders? 

4. Who runs the accounts?

5. Cross curricular and whole school use of ICT How is this reported to parents and encouraged in departments? old but still relevant

a. Have learners expressed an interest in coding/programming in class?  
b. Is there after school activity for advanced computing available? 
c. How will it be included in the more general “ICT” curriculum? 
d. Are staff sufficiently skilled? 

7. Hardware acquisition.
a. Is there a school policy regarding new types of devices? e.g. Tablets, IWBs, Raspberry Pi, (small single board computer) etc?
b. Is there a replacement and upgrade policy in place?  

8. How will Computing, Computer Studies or Computer Science be introduced to School Curriculum as a standalone subject? Don’t Call It "Computer Science" If We Really Mean "Computer Programming"  

 9. How does ICT Training take place?
a. For department use
b. For social media
c. For Internet Literacy
d. For e-safety 

10. Are all staff fully aware of and acting in compliance with Data Protection Act? 


  1. There is no bad thing in it if school has its own social media page and domain but there is a more positivity as big bang dissertation the parents can be aware of the latest information regarding school and can connect their teachers as well anytime any where with out any problem.


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me (sort of...)